Flexible Foam Systems

Flexible Foam Systems used in automotive and furniture industries.

Molded HR Foam Systems are mainly used in the automotive, furniture and medical markets. Systems with different elasticities, densities and for vacuum/non-vacuum applications are produced according to the type of the processes and the request of the final market. These products are suitable for head-neck-back support, automotive and furniture seats, medical cushions and orthopedic products, office furniture. High or low pressure machines with steel, aluminum or epoxy molds can be used in these productions. Molded HR Foam Systems have high resilience and return to its original form after a certain amount pressure is applied and then released. These HR foams have high elasticity, compression set and elongation at break, tensile strength, low permanent deformation, and non-flammability. These values may vary according to the markets used and established standards.

Viscoelastic systems

Viscoelastic foams, also called "memory foam", are very sensitive to heat. They show extremely different characteristics according the temperature. Viscoelastic foams are very effective at reducing the point surface pressure and distributing the weight equally to every point on the surface. The foam slowly returns to its original shape after the applied pressure is relieved. Due to this character, viscoelastic systems are widely used in the bedding, furniture and medical markets.

Filter systems

Filter Systems are used specially in the automotive industry for the production of all kinds of air and oil filters. These systems are divided into 3 groups: Soft filters ‐ medium hardness filters ‐ hard (radial) filters Filter systems have high elasticity, tensile and tear strength. The systems can be sold with color or neutral, according the demand of the customer.

Integral Systems

Integral systems are used in automotive sector (steering, bumper), office furniture (armrest), medical, trunks and toys. These systems are also used for sound and vibration insulation. Different hardness, density and flexibilities can be obtained depending on the amount and properties of the polyol and isocyanate used in integral system. Regular cell structure and excellent skin properties are the main criteria that these systems should meet.