Footwear Systems

Shoe‐Sole Systems

Shoe sole systems are suitable for seasonal and sports sole production with wide hardness values ranging from 50 to 90 ShA and mold density in the range of 360 ‐ 620 kg/m3. These systems have high elasticity, high abrasion resistance and high surface quality.

Safety footwear systems

Safety shoes that are used in many industries such as chemistry, mining, agriculture, automotive, electricity, construction. Use in different industries: Antistatic / non‐antistatic ‐ Single / dual density ‐ Resistant to chemicals ‐ Antibacterial

PU Slipper Systems

Slipper Systems have different hardness and density values. Our systems have high stability even at low mold densities and this feature gives a competitive advantage to our customers. Another advantage we offer is the skin quality and shiny surface appearance

Boot system

Polyurethane boots are recently in high demand due to their air permeability and lighter weight. Our Polyurethane boot systems have high elasticity and high productivity. There are single and dual density applications and we can produce tailor made systems according specific customer requests.

Insole system

“in‐sole”, Fussbett systems are polyether based products with high elasticity and tear resistance in the density of 150‐ 200 kg / m3. As a shock absorber, foam material is placed inside the shoe. According to the customers’ demand, we can also supply Fussbett Systems with antibacterial properties