Rigid Foam Systems

Continuous and Discontinuous Panel Systems

Polyol systems used in the construction of industrial buildings and cold rooms and in the production of sandwich panels.

Refrigerator Systems

Polyol system that can be used in the production of household and commercial refrigerators and deep freezers.

Pipe Insulation

The striking feature of these systems is that they maintain their insulation characteristics even though they are continuously exposed to high temperatures in the geothermal pipe insulation

Wood Imitation Systems

Wood Imitation Systems, it is a product line involving products which are non‐swelling or swelling in different densities (100 kg/m3 ‐ 1000 kg /m3) in order to have a wooden appearance for decorative purposes

Spray foam systems

It is a polyurethane spray foam system used for many fields such as interior walls and exterior roofs of buildings and the pipe and tank insulation for industrial purpose.